Current Projects

The Press Connection Foundation,  Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  organization, established in 1980. Although the legal name of our group is the Press Connection Foundation, we use the name "PC Foundation."  We have a board of directors, which meets annually, for a business meeting and election of new officers.  We do as much as we can to promote local opportunities for community groups that partner with us on projects. PC Foundation has been privileged to work with many projects and groups over our 40 year history.   

As a fiscal sponsor to the community groups below, we are able to accept tax-deductible contributions on their behalf.  In exchange for providing this service, we charge a nominal fee.  In addition to being able to accept charitable donations, we provide these groups with other support such as mentoring and small grants.

For over three years, Building Unity has been working to bring Wisconsin groups and individuals together for the causes of Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Democracy.  For more information, please visit:

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in the fall 2006 that sends books free of charge to prisoners in Wisconsin. WBTP compensates for the antiquated condition of prison libraries and for deficiencies in educational programs for prisoners. By sending books to those in prison, WBTP hopes to foster a love of reading and encourage the pursuit of knowledge. Click here to learn more about the types of books we're looking for - as well as the drop-off sites. 

Contact Mailing address: 1202 Williamson St., #1, Madison, WI 53703.

The Salasaca Health Clinic Project, Ecuador  

The government health clinic in Salasaca is staffed by a part time nurse and consists of 3 rooms. The first room has a small refrigerator, an adult scale, and a baby scale.  The second room has posters showing the symptoms of tuberculosis and the importance of vaccinations for children.  The third room is where patients are seen. When the health needs assessment was completed, it was concluded that there really was no health care for the nearly 10,000 indigenous people living in the area. The goal of the Salasaca Health Clinic Project is to build a modern clinic complete with laboratory, diagnostic equipment and pharmacy. We would like to offer both western and traditional medicine from the Andes and Amazonia.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

National War Tax Resistance - Documentary Film 

The War Tax Resistance Movement is the refusal to pay some/all of the federal income tax in protest of the bloated military budget and subsequent military actions around the world. Two Madison War Tax resisters have begun working on a documentary film; interviewing war tax resisters around the country to get their personal stories about their beliefs, and the obstacles and support they have received for their actions. They will use the finished film for educational purposes, using the outreach resources of local and national peace organizations. This project has been endorsed by the NWTRCC, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. Contact: NWTR Film Project, c/o Jerry Chernow, 431 N Baldwin St, Madison WI 53703 or Paula Rogge 1117 Alrita Ct. #2, Madison WI 53713. They have completed 20 interviews of war tax resisters around the country, including those living below taxable income level to those with a taxable income who redirect all or part of their federal taxes to peace and social welfare projects, thereby risking seizures of wages and bank accounts. They are seeking funds to conduct at least 10 more interviews and to complete editing of the film.  Your donations to this project, through the PC Foundation, are tax exempt - and welcomed! Checks written to "PC Foundation" can be mailed to 2820 Marshall Court, #1, Madison 53705 - (please specify 'for: NWTR Project' on the bottom of the check).