- Operation Welcome Home

 Operation Welcome Home

Operation Welcome Home is a grass roots organization dedicated to helping solve issues of Human Rights and focused on ending homelessness.


 Here, homeless and formerly homeless, low and no-income, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people work in collaboration with community allies in Madison, WI. We are a community of homeless people and allies in Madison organizing around the root causes of homelessness and fighting for affordable housing, jobs, and an end to the criminalization of poverty.


While we develop and politicize our members of our community, we work to hold agencies and institutions accountable to their role in self perpetuating system of poverty. Our work involves strong efforts towards social justice, as well as empowering others with the tools to help progress.


Allies work shoulder to shoulder with us in the struggle to foster real change - understanding that we all deserve to have our basic needs met and power over the decisions that affect our lives. We want, need, and welcome support, but more importantly, we need solidarity.

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