- National War Tax Resistance Film Project

National War Tax Resistance - Documentary Film

The War Tax Resistance Movement is the refusal to pay some/all of the federal income tax in protest of the bloated military budget and subsequent military actions around the world.

Two Madison War Tax resisters have begun working on a documentary film; interviewing war tax
resisters around the country to get their personal stories about their beliefs, and the obstacles and support they have received for their actions. 

They will use the finished film for educational purposes, using the outreach resources of local and national peace organizations. This project has been endorsed by the NWTRCC, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.  http://nwtrcc.org/

Contact: NWTR Film Project, c/o Jerry Chernow, 431 N Baldwin St, Madison WI  53703.

They are in the process of raising funds for this project - and your donations to this project, through the PC Foundation, are tax exempt - and welcomed!

Checks written to "PC Foundation" can be mailed to 2820 Marshall Court, #1, Madison 53705 - (please specify  'for: NWTR Project' on the bottom of the check).