- LGBT Books to Prisoners

LGBT Books to Prisoners

Website: http://lgbtbookstoprisoners.org/
E-mail: lgbtbookstoprisoners@gmail.com
You can also find us at the LGBT Books to Prisoners Facebook page

We are a donation-funded, volunteer-run organization based in Madison, WI that sends books and other
educational materials, free of charge, to LGBTQ-identified prisoners across the United States.

We have been doing this for nearly 10 years and have sent books to close to 5,000 prisoners in that time.

In 2015, we sent 3,042 packages of books - and we thank you for any support you can give,
either in donations or volunteer help in Madison. 

** Note: Please send book donations to LGBT Books to Prisoners, and not to PC Foundation **

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If you want your donation to be tax-exempt, donate through our fiscal sponsor, the PC Foundation   Use the PC Foundation Paypal Button on the Home page of this website  ....or,  you can  write a check to:

PC Foundation     c/o Nancy Emmert, Treasurer
(LGBT Books to Prisoners)
2820 Marshall Ct. #1
Madison, WI 53705

Please remember to write “LGBT Books to Prisoners” on the memo line of the check; otherwise PC Foundation won’t know that the donation is intended specifically for our project. Also, please indicate where we can send your tax receipt.