- The Salasaca Health Clinic Project, Ecuador

The Salasaca Health Clinic Project, Ecuador
The government health clinic in Salasaca is staffed by a part time nurse and consists of 3 rooms. The first room has a small refrigerator, an adult scale, and a baby scale.  The second room has posters showing the symptoms of tuberculosis and the importance of vaccinations for children.  The third room is where patients are seen.
When the health needs assessment was completed, it was concluded that there really was no health care for the nearly 10,000 indigenous people living in the area. The goal of the Salasaca Health Clinic Project is to build a modern clinic complete with laboratory, diagnostic equipment and pharmacy. We would like to offer both western and traditional medicine from the Andes and Amazonia.  Your support is greatly appreciated. To learn more, contact Lisa Benitez at lbenitez2@charter.net or visit www.RhumyWaraEcuador.org