- The Helambu Project

The Helambu Project is a platform organization that facilitates small to medium sized development projects in Nepal in education, health, gender, and cultural sectors.  We have extensive contacts in Sindhupalchowk District in Nepal as well as Kathmandu.  To learn more, contact: Chris Limburg - chrislimburg@gmail.com or visit www.helambuproject.org

Special fundraising project begins in November, 2016:

The Helambu Project, is launching a special project to raise money for the reconstruction of a traditional meditation-retreat centre that was destroyed in the earthquake April, 2015. 

Drupadrong is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre located just above the village of Tarkhegyang in Helambu – a region just 80 km North East of Kathmandu. Yolmo, the local name of Helambu region, is believed to be a scared valley where Buddhist boddhisattvas such as Milarepa and Guru Rinpoche are believed to have visited, blessed, and practiced in. Today, Buddhist practitioners travel from different parts of the Himalayas to conduct meditation retreats for multiple years, continuing a tradition of introspection that is now several millennias old and originated with the historical Buddha. Retreatants live very simple lives in the mountain and live off less than 30 USD a month and keep to rigorous schedules – meditating around 12 hours a day, rising at 3am and finishing well into the night. This particular centre is of the Nyingma tradition of Buddhism, the most wide-spread form of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, and is home to many accomplished practitioners – hence the name “Village of Accomplishment,” or Drupa Drong.

Your donations in support of restoring this site are greatly appreciated.

To view the film about this site, and to find out more, see: http://helambuproject.org/heritage/  or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HelambuProject/