The Press Connection Foundation,  Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  organization, established in 1980. Although the legal name of our group is the Press Connection Foundation, we use the name "PC Foundation."  We have a board of directors, which meets annually, for a business meeting and election of new officers.  We do as much as we can to promote local opportunities for community groups that partner with us on projects. PC Foundation has been privileged to work with many projects and groups over our 30 year history.   

As a fiscal sponsor to the community groups, we are able to accept tax-deductible contributions on their behalf.  In exchange for providing this service, we charge a nominal fee.  In addition to being able to accept charitable donations, we provide these groups with other support such as mentoring and small grants.

There are currently eight active groups working through the PC Foundation. Explore the website to learn more.


We'd like to welcome our new board member, Sandy Olson!

The PC Foundation welcomes a new member group, the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition!

Established in May 2015, the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition (WTHC) is a grassroots, community-driven coalition convened by and for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming (TING) people that focuses on improving the health and wellness of TING people and communities throughout the state of Wisconsin. WTHC works to achieve healthcare equity and health justice for TING people in our state by: increasing access to competent, affirming and affordable healthcare for; eliminating interpersonal, institutional, and state violence against; and ending discrimination in all life and public spheres that impacts TING people and communities. WTHC maintains a directory of affirming healthcare providers at witranshealth.org. For more information or to get involved in the work, please join the WTHC Facebook page (facebook.com/WITransHealthCoalition) or contact us at info@witranshealth.org.

LGBT Books to Prisoners, a a donation-funded, volunteer-run organization based in Madison, WI that sends books and other educational materials, free of charge, to LGBTQ-identified prisoners across the United States, has just received their own 501c3 non-profit status in June 2017 - so donations can be made directly to this group.  Contact: